Hi there! I’m Samantha Matchett,

aka The Messy Crunchy Momma. I am so glad you’re here!

I know it’s easy to feel intimidated or overwhelmed when you try to become one of those “Crunchy” people. Trust me. I’ve been there! You want to be all-natural or toxin free, but you don’t really know how to begin! Sometimes it seems like it might be easier to just turn a blind all to the whole thing and ignore the problems! Well, I hope you’re comfortable because I wanted to create a completely judgmental free environment to show you easy, simple, and cheap ways to fight some of those “crunchy battles” and yeah…. its a little messy, but we like it that way around here.

I’m a mom to two crazy little perfect people, I am pretty obsessed about essential oils and I love educating others about them, I’m a writer, blogger, professional mistake-maker, and overall I’m a love of people!

Wanna talk? We should definitely be friends!

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